Vista Networking Woes!

Networking Problems Vista

ok so we all know that there are bugs in vista, but the most annoying one for me, is to do with networking, yeah they fixed a lot of network issues from xp, like making faster (at least i feel it is) anyways what annoys me is when vista adds numbers to the end of network names for no reason, which confuses a lot of things (See picture), and somtimes even thinks its connected to two networks at the same time and then the internet doesnt work when it thinks its connected to two networks, that happened to me with a wired connection. Please digg this so we can get someones attention at microsoft, i hope it does, please leave comments, i know you can merge and delete connections but that has no use because they keep coming back (Click The Image to get the full size)

Ps: all those network ssid’s are infact the same one, even the one im connected to, linksys6 wtf?  I contacted Microsoft about this, and they said they can’t guarantee it will be addressed since only one person complains